After the birth of my second child with Lamaze techniques and information, I became interested in providing this information to parents and became Lamaze Certified. I joined the Lexington Association for Parent Education where I was invited to join the group of labor coaches. With my first mentored birth, I knew she was in the right professions – Lamaze educator and DONA birth doula.

From then on, I sought more information and became a Lactation Consultant and a Woman’s Health Nurse Practitioner.

Add to all that, birth trauma with When Survivors Give Birth and birth psychology with APPPAH.

All this knowledge and experience lets me provide a wide range of information to parents and those of you working with families.

Barbara has provided Lamaze childbirth education, breastfeeding and parenting education.

VBAC Class

VBAC or vaginal birth after a previous cesearean birth. Two classes, 3 hours, to explore the vaginal birth experience and inform you of the evidence that supports trial of labor for vaginal birth after 2 cesareans or when pregnant with twins.

This is an interactive class and preparing for a vaginal birth as well as a possible cesarean birth will be included. Classes scheduled per request.

Cost: $60 for series. Classes are limited to the size of Barbara’s living room.

Birth Doula Care

Barbara has worked with the UNC Volunteer Birth Partners Doula Program at UNC Women’s Hospital, Chapel Hill, NC. All doulas are professionally trained; many through the international organization DONA International – Doulas of North America International. Whether a pregnant woman arrives at the hospital alone or with family and friends, the doula can help her to have a safer and more satisfying birthing experience. As a gift to UNC patients, UNC conveniently offers doula services free of charge.
Please contact us at:  Become a Volunteer Doula:  Email to request information about joining our team.

Alamance Regional Medical Center (ARMC), Burlington, NC, also provides professionally trained volunteer birth doulas.  If you are interested in working with this special population – families giving birth – contact Janiya Mitnaul Williams at  or Jessica Landes Johnson at

Barbara also supports volunteer birth doula training for MAAME: Mobilizing African American Women through Empowerment. MAAME’s Doula Collective consists of community-based volunteer birth and postpartum support professionals committed to serving our mission to decrease the health disparities among women of color.  They strive to support pregnant women and their families throughout Durham and the Greater Triangle.  All of our Doulas have completed training by an accredited Doula certification agency.

After the experience of being pregnant during a recession, Maya Jackson, felt that the needs of our communities in regards to health services, holistic living, and economic development weren’t being met. She decided to work towards meeting those needs by founding MAAME, so that she, along with others, could be an example and resource in order to help prevent the hardships that she and so many others within our communities had gone through.

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Office hours are by appointments only.

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