Sample Birth Plan

Birth Plan From Parents Planning a VBAC

Dear Hard-working Staff of ….. L & D …

The McKaigs have indicated the following wishes in hopes of creating the best possible birthing experience for all individuals involved:

  • No routine medical interventions (including IV fluids, epidural, episiotomy, continuous EFM, etc.)?
  • Freedom of movement (including shower, birth ball, walking, rocking, etc.)
  • Continuous emotional support (i.e. presence of husband and doula at all times)
  • Freedom to eat and drink
  • Labor starts on its own – without gel preps, pitocin, etc.
  • Do not offer pain medication, or epidural
  • 15 minutes to privately discuss any new situation or intervention
  • Birth in an upright, squatting or side-lying position
  • No separation of Mother and Baby for at least 1 hr after birth Post Partum Wishes
  • Breastfeeding only. In case of emergency, use cup or syringe – no nipples
  • Parents to give first bath
  • No eye drops – No Vitamin K injection – No immediate umbilical cutting
  • If baby goes to nursery, no separation of Father and Baby Thank you all in advance for helping this special dream come true.
    Sincerely, Karen and Warren McKaig Printed with permission from the McKaigs