Birth & Parenting Educators has provided Lamaze birth, breastfeeding, and parenting information for over 30 years to families in Kentucky, Michigan, and North Carolina.


  • Virtual Classes Coming Soon

    In the spirit of making education more available, Barbara will be offering virtual classes for:

    • Lamaze Educator Training
    • HUG Your Baby Training
    • DONA Birth Doula Training
    • When Survivors Give Birth Training

Barbara is pursuing certification from APPPAH (Association for Pre and Perinatal Psychology) to understand birth psychology.

APPPAH’s Vision

Every baby is welcomed, seen and nurtured to their fullest expression as a conscious and aware being.

APPPAH’s global vision is that every new baby…Is welcomed into the world with conscious conception, prenatal bonding, and a safe and non-traumatic birth.

Is seen, heard, and treated with gentle and loving respect by birth workers, medical personnel, parents, and family who recognize babies as the conscious beings that they are.

Is celebrated, understood, and supported by parents, family, and educators as their purpose in life unfolds.

Will grow and develop within an environment of collaborate family and community support, unbiased acceptance, and unconditional love.

Will become an adult who is motivated and equipped with the ability to find peaceful solutions to the challenges in our world.

Building knowledge in birth psychology, trauma, and caring for survivors of childhood and adult sexual abuse gives me a broader scope of practice in empowering families to break the cycle of trauma that can lead to physical and mental illnesses.